What are Microgreens? 

"Microgreens" are the tiny greens that are revolutionizing the way people get their nutrition!

1/2 cup of Daikon Radish microgreens have the same amount of Vitamin E as an entire CUP of Almonds without any of the calories or fat!   

And that is just one of the nearly 50 varieties we have available!


According to new research by the USDA, Microgreens contain between 5 and 400 times the nutrients of their mature counterparts!  Add them to salads, pestos, soups, and sandwiches to add extra flavor and nutrients.  Or add them to main courses to brighten them up and have a restaurant quality look in no time!  Microgreens come in a variety of flavors and colors!


At Lilybel microgreens we believe in your health and the health of your family.   All of our greens are grown using OMRI certified organic products.  To learn more about our growing methods, please see the "About" page

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