Wholesale Products: 

Alfalfa Cress


Basil: Genovese, Lemon, Opal 

Beet: Bull's Blood, Red Beet


Cabbage: Red Cabbage (Purple Leaves, Green Stems)



Kohlrabi: Purple Kohlrabi

Mizuna: Green, Red Kingdom (Red/Purple)

Mustard: Garnet Giant (Purple and Green Speckled)

Pac Choi: Tokyo Bekana

Pea Shoots

Radish: Daikon, Red Rambo (Purple)

Shiso (Purple)


Swiss Chard: Oriole (Yellow), Rhubarb (Red), Fordhook (Pink)

Tatsoi: Green, Red Cloud (Burgundy)



Rainbow Mix: Alfalfa Cress, Bull's Blood Beet, Celery, Mizuna (Red and Green), Mustard (Garnet Giant),  Purple Kohlrabi, Rambo Radish, Shiso, Shungiku, Tatsoi (Red and Green), Pac Choi (Tokyo Bekana)


Basil Mix: Genovese, Lemon, and Opal 


Asian Mix: Cilantro, Shiso, Mustard (Garnet Giant), Rambo Radish, Mizuna (Green and Purple), Tatsoi (Green and Purple)


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 (630) 833-3988

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